What I Happen to Be Reading At the Moment

"A thirteen-year-old is a kaleidoscope of different personalities, if not in most ways a mere figment of her own imagination. At that age, what and who you are depends largely on what book you happen to be reading at the moment.”


While not 13 anymore, the desire to read almost anything and everything in order to read for fun and for experience is still around. I'm currently working on my PhD in a physical science, but I love to read and books are one of my non-science hobbies.

The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond) - Ian Fleming The Man with the Golden Gun is the last Bond book that Fleming himself wrote. Fleming died during the composition of this one, and a lot can be found on the good old Internet about why the tone and attention to detail vary so differently from previous Bond books. While the plot is more raw and interesting than previous entires, the inconsistencies that likely would have been worked out in later drafts remain.Bond is off again to Jamaica, where this time in is in hot pursuit of Paco "Pistols" Scaramanga, a notorious gunman. As it becomes readily apparent in the first few chapters, Bond is on this mission to make up quite a lot to M and prove that he hasn't lost his edge as a spy. Taking a more Western turn at times, Bond chases Scaramanga until it comes down to an epic shoot out. Overall, the plot of this one is interesting and a new development in the Bond spy genre, but the unfinished nature of the manuscript is obvious in the execution.

Currently reading

Native Son
Richard Wright
The Great Glass Sea
Josh Weil
The Elder Edda
Andrew Orchard, Anonymous