What I Happen to Be Reading At the Moment

"A thirteen-year-old is a kaleidoscope of different personalities, if not in most ways a mere figment of her own imagination. At that age, what and who you are depends largely on what book you happen to be reading at the moment.”


While not 13 anymore, the desire to read almost anything and everything in order to read for fun and for experience is still around. I'm currently working on my PhD in a physical science, but I love to read and books are one of my non-science hobbies.

The Listeners - Leni Zumas Quinn, the subject of The Listeners is a synesthetic anorexic ex-band member, with plenty of trite issues that would have fallen flat if she had been in the hands of an author other than Leni Zumas. The author's intense and inventive style is what makes this novel worth discovering, and the reader invested in Quinn and her actions. The points of view alternate between times in the plot, and between a more hazy memory/recollection to first person narration of events. Quinn's early tragic life events in addition to her bizarrely relatable neuroses make her a memorable narrator, and The Listeners an impressive overall first novel for Zumas.

Currently reading

Native Son
Richard Wright
The Great Glass Sea
Josh Weil
The Elder Edda
Anonymous, Andrew Orchard